Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Bryan White Mad At Bad Black For Branding Him A ‘Broke Pretender’

Ailing tycoon Brian Kirumira alias Bryan White has been bedridden for more than a month now and different celebrities have thronged his home to check on him. One of the many was Socialite Bad Black who, after visiting him and crying crocodile tears, made a U-turn and accused him of making it all up because he is broke.

Upon hearing about Bad Black’s words, Bryan White has now hit back, saying it is absurd for Bad Black to claim he is faking illness. He said he has not become broke yet, saying he is in possession of several assets that he can sell if he ever got broke. He also regretted why Bad Black is t foot in his house, saying it was better not to come than make outrageous statements about him.

“I have a lot of property that I can sell. I have over 500 acres of land in Busunjju. I can sell part of it if I wanted money….

It would be better if she didn’t come to see me, than ruining my name. I have a family, wife, and children to look after,” he said

He also reminded Bad Black that he gave her money,VIP treatment and free air tickets.

“After all the money that Bad Black picked from the podium and Munyonyo, after all the free air tickets she received, if she can say all that, then God will be the judge,” fumed Bryan White.

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