Tuesday, January 19, 2021

“God’s Plan Turns Me On!” – Irene Ntale

Songstress Irene Ntale has always been an entertaining mystery, both in terms of how she chooses when to release a hit song and what her relationship plans are. The singer is simply mysterious. On the other side, the former NTV presenter Sheila Gashumba and her fiance Ali Marcus Lwanga alias God’s Plan are living their dream life, flashing their love for everyone to see, oblivious of what opinion anyone of us has on them.

Now, Irene Ntale has come out to reveal the type of man she really craves; and that man is supposed to be like God’s Plan! While commenting on a photo in which God’s Plan is looking at sheila like his ideal dish, Irene Ntale revealed that she wants her man to look at her exactly the way God’s Plan looks at Sheila.

“If My Man Does Not Look At Me Like This While I’m Talking….I Don’t Want Him”. wrote Ntale

This has left Sheila Gashumba green with envy, with a thought creeping in her mind that Ntale could be making moves at her man.

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