Thursday, January 21, 2021

Bizonto Set To Be Released

Four comedians under the stage name Bizonto who were arrested last week are set to be released unconditionally. The four were arrested on allegations of producing content that was offensive and promoting sectarianism and hatred among people ahead of the 2021 polls.

The four who include Julius Sserwanja aka Kidomoole (The group leader, Mbabali Maliseeri alias Uncle Luyuugumo, Gold Kimatono alias Opeto and Omuzinyuuzi were arrested last week at Radio Simba, in an arrest that caused massive uproar.

They were later ferried and bundled at CID headquarters in Kibuli. The comedians are now set to be released after security was ordered to set them free without any condition.

Charles Twiine, the CID spokesperson revealed that the four are set to be released today:

“We are hoping to have them released today,” revealed Twiine.

Look at the video that landed them into trouble

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