Sunday, January 24, 2021

Dr Hilderman Vows To Represent Singer Gerald Kiweewa In Court In Face Off With MP Nantaba

Singer Henry Kiyaga alias Dr Hilderman has vowed to represent embattled singer Gerald Kiweewa in court as he battles legal challenges against MP Idah Nantaba.

The singer landed in trouble after he sang a song that MP Nantaba believed was offensive towards him. In the song titled “Nantaba”, Kiweewa warns Zaake to back off Nantaba, saying she is the reason he is beaten severely every time he gets arrested.

However, Nantaba felt offended and reported the matter to the CID headquarters in Kibuli leading to the arrest of the singer.

“We have arrested singer Gerald Kiweewa after receiving a complaint from Idah Nantaba. This is because he defamed and attacked the former ICT minister in his “Nantaba” hit jam, “ Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango said after the arrest of the Kadongo Kamu artiste.

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But Dr. Hilderman has leapt to Kiweewa’s defence, saying the singer is innocent. He says that he is ready to offer him free legal services so make him secure justice. He says this is the price that musicians and other content creators have gave to pay  in fighting for their rights.“I am going to be the lawyer in this case… If they are getting scared this early even before we release other songs, then they better wake up… I Dr. Hilderman, I will not give false praise to the government in power… Lets us also express our freedom of speech because that’s how we communicate to the public… In conclusion, Kiweewa is innocent and I believe I will be able to help him in this situation…,” revealed the ‘Mazongoto’ singer.

This comes in the aftermath of new laws that have been ushered into the creative industry which many have protested.

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