Thursday, January 28, 2021

“Please Come Back” – Daddy Andre Breaks Down Begging For Angella Katatumba’s Love [AUDIO]

Andrew Ojambo alias Daddy Andre is Amman that has a strong affinity for woman and it this has been well documented on a series of controversies the singer has been involved in. The singer and producer who has been behind hundreds of successful tunes across the country was in love with faded singer Angela Katatumba by the time this year began. 

The pair surprisingly parted ways in January after the produced turned broke. However, Andre seems to have finally owned p to his mistakes and has released a song to act as an apology to Angela. In a song titled “I Miss You”,

I’m the song, Daddy Andre tells Angela about the photo she left on the pillow adding that he regrets the earlier breakup.

Listen and download the song below

[Free Download] I Miss You by Daddy Andre

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