Saturday, January 23, 2021

AUDIO: AIGP Asan Kasiingye Speaks Out On Why Bryan White Has Police Guards, Parliament Left In Shock

Police Political Commissar AIGP Asan Kasiingye has faced a torrid time trying to explain to the Parliamentary human rights committee on why Bryan Kirumira alias Bryan White has police officers who guard him. The committee had summoned Kasiingye to explain why Bryan White is accorded VIP treatment and security guards yet he is accused of assaulting women at his foundation.

Bryan White is accused of assaulting women that include Leticia Nabulime, Stella Nandawula, and Vivian Mutanda who have pinned him before the commission of forcing them into s3$x and later forcing them into several abortions. 

However, Kasiingye denied ever allocating police officers as guards to Mr Bryan White saying the guards were given to him by State House. It should be remembered that President Yoweri Museveni met Bryan White and the two are believed to have agreed on giving protection to the tycoon.

Charles Twiine the CID spokesperson revealed that they are still carrying out investigations into Bryan white accusations. Agnes Taaka the vice chairperson human rights committee of Parliament revealed that they are prepared to give both parties a chance to give their side of the story.

By an white is expected to appear before the committee on Saturday.

Listen to the Audio below.

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