Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Buchaman Referred To Nakasero Hospital After Health Worsens

Presidential advisor on ghetto affairs Mark Bugembe alias Buchaman has seen his conditions worsen in the aftermath of what he calls a brutal arrest by security agencies. The singer turned advisor to the president was arrested after he reportedly confronted NEMA authorities over the eviction of people in a wetland. 

Due the injuries the singer sustained during the arrest, Buchaman has been receiving treatment at Malcom medical centre in Kibuye. However, it has been reported that he sustained internal bleeding which has forced medics at the facility to referee him to Nakasero hospital for more specialised management. 

Buchaman reported invaded a NEMA meeting in Makindye with a group of ghetto dwellers who had reportedly been evicted in a wetland. Buchaman claimed that he deserved to know why the people had been evicted since he was an advisor to the president. However, before he could ask for what the matter was, he was roughed up and bundled on a police car, sustaining injuries in the process.

Now Bucha accuses Kampala Resident City Commissioner Faridah Mayanja of playing dirty and ordering for his brutal arrest.

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