Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Vinka Opens Up On Dating Kent And Flosso Big Boy As She Reveals Future Relationship Plans

Ugandan top female singer Veronica Luggya alias Vinka is a woman who has kept her relationship escapades away from the public eye. She has however been linked with several city men as the world speculated about who could be the lucky beneficiary feasting on the illustrious singer.

The Swangz avenue music diva has been linked with fellow artistes among the dynamic duo Kent and Flosso after the two had a somewhat of a relationship working together after the success of their “Overdose” collaboration.

The rumours of the female diva dating one of Kent and Flosso were derived from the fact that the two a successful music project together. However, Vinka, while speaking to a local TV station denied ever dating Kent or Flosso and revealed that she has actually spent some time without speaking to any of the two. Nevertheless, she revealed that they are still great friends.

Kent And Flosso

“I’m not dating Kent, nor Flosso. In fact, I have taken quite long without meeting the two. However, they’re my good friends and our relationship ended on the collabo we had, period!” She said.

 The songbird also added that she is already in a serious relationship with someone whose names she could not divulge. She however promised to let the world known the time is right.

“I am dating someone for now. When the time is right, maybe I will let the public know about him and also reveal his name and Identity. My relationship with him is all based on a beautiful future.” She added.

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