Monday, January 18, 2021

Crysto Panda Breaks Down As He Eulogizes Late Daughter

It is now a few months past since celebrated rapper and TNation and NTV Dance Party Presenter Crysto Panda revealed to the world that his little bundle of joy that he had received day this year passed on.

Panda’s daughter Aylin passed on a short while after childbirth due to getting tired during birth which led to the development of dead brain cells that caused the babu seizures that led to her death.

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Panda would later reveal that bad news layer on fathers day after getting overwhelming messages that congratulated him on the father’s day, oblivious of the fact that the baby pad actually died.

However, Panda has again taken to social media to reveal how he feels after losing his newly born baby and depriving him of the pleasure to be a father. In an emotional and moving social media post, the NTV Dance party presenter nearly broke down as he eulogised his fallen daughter.

“I miss you sooooo much Aylin  I act strong and brave but sometimes I can’t help it but to break down in tears   RIP my baby ♥️ I dream about you so many times , my heart  ️ bleeds? everytime I think about you  Me & Yo mum we miss you so much  ,” said Crysto Panda on twitter.

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