Tuesday, January 26, 2021

UNTOLD STORY: How Andrew Kabuura Lost A Bet To Joel Kamadhi And Forced To Put On Flavia Tumusiime’s Dress On Live TV

Millions of Ugandans were appalled after popular NTV and supersport Sports pundit Andrew Kabuura showed up for his show “The Pressbox” in his wife’s dress. Many thought Andrew Kabuura was maybe paying tribute to his baby mama Flavia Tumusiime. But Alas! He was paying the price for losing a bet to Joel Kamadhi.

While on their show “Pressbox” a day before Manchester United took on Chelsea at Wembley for the FA Cup Semi-Final, Andrew Kabuura and Joel Kamadhi were entangled in an unusual bet for the game. Kamadhi backed Chelsea whereas Kabuura backed Manchester United. To emphatically drive their point home, the two were engaged in an outrageous proclamation.

Joel Kamadhi declared that if Ole Gunnar Solskjear’s men overpowered Frank Lampard’s charges, he would report for the next show wearing a Vest. Andrew Kabuura was so sure about a United victory that he declared if Chelsea Overpowered United, he would report to work in one of his wife’s dresses. 

You all know what the result was, obviously!

Chelsea hammered united 3:1 and Kabuura had to show up in Flavia’s cream dress, much to the surprise of the nation. Kabuura must be cursing David De Gea’s dodgy goalkeeping. It is better to state that the Spaniard who is a Manchester United player is the only player on the pitch that won the game for Lampard’s Blues!

 That’s a price you pay when you put all your faith in Manchester United!

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