Thursday, January 28, 2021

PHOTOS: Sheila Don Zella Parades Her Tired Beans On Social Media After Being Chewed In Sofa

Ugandan socialite Sheila Don Zella who currently lives in the United States has made headlines again for the wrong reasons after she again went to the extremes with her dress code.

In a live video shared by the socialite on her Facebook page, Don Zella is seen dancing almost n#@ked with many quick to point to her enormous consumption of alcohol to be the reason for her latest debacle.

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In the video, she is seen dancing with a yet to be identified man in his 40s as she care freely danced her head off. Many were quick to question the motive of her recording such a raunchy video.

Several followers on social media bashed her for failure to realise that she has grown old with a tired body and old children to avoid bringing to shame. Currently, the former wife to singer Big Eye currently has three children and cares less about what society says.

 Not that Don Zella cares!

Check out photos below:

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