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Who Is Vinka? Unmasking The Manager -Turned Superstar Singer

The music scene was in 2017 introduced to a new albeit not strange face gracing the microphone and so damn good at it. The emergence of Veronica Luggya alias Vinka was a spectacular one that few saw it coming.

Vinka, as she has been known in music circles started getting interested in the music world longer than we knew and was involved in a different capacity.

From managing Irene Ntale to being one of the most sought after entertainers of her era, Vinka’s rise has been spectacular. Under the Swangz Avenue, Vinka has become a singer that is so synonymous with hit songs per calendar year, backed by her record label’s financial muscle and er unique talent.

Who is Vinka?

Vinka was born Veronica on June 27th 1994 to Mr and Mrs Luggya in Kampala, Uganda’s capital. She went to Makerere University for a bachelor’s in Tourism and Hospitality management after which she embarked on a career in dancing. Vinka would then act as a dancer for Maurice Kirya, Jackie Chandiru, and Cinderella Sanyu before she was recruited as an intern at Swangz Avenue.

Vinka would grow through the ranks at the music powerhouse while managing some of the labels top artistes such as Irene Ntale and Winnie Nwagi between 2013 and 2016.

In February 2017, Vinka gave in to her labels demand that she should be transformed into an artiste, giving birth to her very first music project, “Level”, a single that was followed by a duet with Irene Ntale titled ” Stylo”. Since then she went on a music release rampage with hits such as “Overdose”, ” Malaika”, “Chips na Ketchup”, “Love doctor”, “Tubikole” and others.

She is one the first artistes to declare that she would be releasing g a hit song complete with a music video at the start of every month, a claim she has been fulfilling until the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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