Monday, January 25, 2021

“I’m Not After Your Money, You Don’t Have Enough!” Bennie Gunter’s Estranged Lover Fiona Akankwasa Remains Defiant Despite Negative DNA Test

Ugandan dancehall singer Muheirwe Reegan alias Bennie Gunter has over the past weeks been pelted with all sorts of accusations by a one Fiona Akankwasa who accuses him of child neglect. Fiona claims she met Bennie Gunter at Latino’s bar and had a fling that resulted into a pregnancy, a claim that Bennie disputes. 

Bennie insisted he is not the child’s father and that he has never been in a relationship with Fiona. The disagreement led to a DNA test to prove the paternity of the child. However, results have revealed that Bennie is not the father of the child after they turned negative. 

But Fiona claims the results were doctored with the “Sekkle down” singer’s influence so as to let himself off the hook. She insists Bennie is the father of her child despite the negative DNA test. She claimed Bennie Gunter thinks she is after his money which is not true. She actually claimed Bennie doesn’t have enough for her to be obsessed about.“I am not a mad woman or having any intensions of feasting on Beenie Gunter’s money because he doesn’t have enough. If so then It would be unrealistic for me to come out in the media and pin him for child neglect and even accept a DNA yet I was certain for the right father of my child. I just surrender and leave the issue to the Lord since the DNA was doctored by Beenie Gunter in a bid of protecting his name,” said Fiona Akatukwasa


Bennie Gunter Speaks Out After DNA Results Of His Child With Fiona Akankwasa

Fiona Akankwasa In Panic, Bennie Gunter In Excitement As Jeremiah’s DNA Results Finally Released

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