Thursday, January 28, 2021

Hot Debate Within Viewers As Lynda Ddane Is Accused Of Indecent Dressing On TV

Uganda’s hottest TV property Lynda Ddane has put some really good performances on television as she mesmerises on NTV Uganda during her shows. The juicy TV personality has already sent a hot debate within viewers as they praise her talent on the camera whereas others think she is being overhyped.

However, stinging criticism has been meted to her by several social media critics who accuse her flaunting a lot of flesh on TV and hence being a negative influence on the youth. Several social media followers have openly castigated Lynda for her showing too much flesh and indecent dressing on TV.

“Not hate but ladies we need to respect our bodies as first priority if we deserve respect from our loved ones in return… Why put on such skimpy indecent attire on a national TV? For real ladies we need to check our dress code before appearing in public.” tweeted a one  @Sheiosmukiga. 

Her claim was however met with mixed responses as many blasted her for failing to mind her business. Others calmly opened to disagree, saying they see no harm in her dress code. A handful of others supported the fact that Lynda Ddane should improve her dressing. 

” No one has a right over another person’s dress code unless they are paying their dues. Everyone should dress the way they like, unless they feel uncomfortable, you should not. I mean, it is not your body she is disrespecting. Or is it?” responded a one @BiryomumaishoB.

@BlessedBarbara also rechoed the statement that Lynda’s dressing is okay. “Okay I see nothing really wrong with this given the show she is presenting assure me you expect her to show up in a gomesi.”

@Josebyaru: Mwe u want to tell me @ztotto temumulaba oba those ladies at speak nga temubogelako..pliz let @lynda_ddane me I enjoy.

@Bana256 chipped in, ” This world would be more exciting if every one minded themselves. Rather it’s a cruel world where sinners judge other sinners for sinning differently!” 

@MheNikky: Mi i see nothing wrong with her dress code since she does wat makes her happy not wat pipo think is best for her and i think u shud also take that …Do wat makes u happy not wat pipo think is best for u.

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