Monday, January 25, 2021

Manager Jeff Kiwa’s Heart Crushed After Crysto Panda ‘Chewed’ His Side Chic’s Sumbie During Video Shoot

There is unease at popular record label Team No Sleep owned by celebrated manager Jeff Kiwanuka alias Jeff Kiwa after his rumoured babe Etania was whisked away by sharpshooter Crysto Panda. Panda is an artiste famous for his latest hit “Kyolina Omanya” and his starring role at NTV In the Dance Party show.

It all started when Panda and Etania acted as Vixens in Sheeebah Karungi’s video shoot of her latest single ‘Empeta’. Panda and Etania performed their roles in the shoot to perfection. It however appears the two got feelings for each other.

As a result, the two vanished into thin air after the shoot after they both jumped in Panda’s car and sped off. Reports indicate the two have been b0nking tubeless since. 

The act has left Jeff Kiwa silently fuming since Etania has long been rumoured to be his undercover lover as he has reportedly been juggling them with  Sheebah Karungi.

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