Thursday, January 28, 2021

Top Model Doreen Kabareebe Smashing Hot In Outrageous Photoshoot, Netizens Left Nursing Scrotal Pains

Being a model is amazing! Its where only your body matters than anything else. Its tour capital and you can only improve it with a bit of makeup, costume, and a fine camera(man). For Doreen Kabareebe, this is more than a job, its a lifestyle.

Whereas other city socialites slay queens, artistes and some models have emerged from the imposed lockdown with their bodies altered, Kabareebe has emerged stunningly hotter than before.

In an outrageous photoshoot from Nina Mirembe‘s crotchet suit, Doreen poses for the camera as I’d her life depends on it and has caused a stir on social media left nursing scrotal pains out of excitement.

Shot by one of Uganda’s most illustrious cameramen Sammy Luswata and Makeup artiste Habrah doing her thing, there is no way one can pass on the idea of checking her beauty out.

Look at the photos below:

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