Monday, January 25, 2021

Frank Gashumba And In-Law God’s Plan Finally Crowned As Uganda’s Most H0rny Men Alive- Photos Showing Their Big Cassava Storm Social Media

Uganda’s ultimate motor mouth and political analyst Frank Gashumba, together with his son on law and City Tycoon God’s Plan, real names Ali Lwanga are purely well endowed men. God’s Plan who is seriously feasting on Frank’s daughter seems to be sharing a special gift with his father in law, an eye-threatening and visibly thirsty cassava. 

These two controversial personalities who have over the time been trending all over the social media platforms have finally proved how the “Proud Gashumba Family” is also blessed with bedroom weapons and prowess in addition to their verbal artillery which they are well known of.

The photos which showed these two with a protruding dick within their pants in a state of bursting left many mesmerise about how the pair are so gifted. In fact social media in laws were quick to point to the two as Uganda’s horniest men “with tools”.

This has come in a time where Sheilla Gashumba recently insulted Dembe FM’s gossip anchor Kasuku for appearing on TV in a short trouser which incidentally backfired after her Frank Gashumba had appeared in a short also on TV weeks back.

Check out the photos below:

God’s Plan covering the erected Big Cassava
God’s Plan STRUGGLING TO HIDE the erected Big Cassava
Gashumba’s pants exposes him on live tv
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