Thursday, January 28, 2021

VIDEO: “Sipapa Performs Rituals At Graveyards, Drinks Human Blood!” – Brown Sugar Reveals Yet More Shocking Secrets

Popular city events promoter and manager Olim Sipapa has been castigated for being an evil man that practices evil ritual behind people’s back by his former lover Brown Sugar. Brown Sugar was a long time lover to Sipapa and the pair separated recently which had left them hurling all sorts of insults at each other. 

In the process they have also laid their history bare for the public to see. Brown Sugar has pinned Sipapa of abandoning her in a house and failed to pay her house rent. In retaliation, Sipapa unveiled a brand new hot babe known as Shamirah who is currently enjoying his embrace.

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Now Brown Sugar has revealed that Sipapa is indeed an evil man that practices Juju that drinks and bathes in human blood in graveyards. She alleges that Sipapa took her n@ked to a graveyard and made her drink and bathe in human blood when she was pregnant. She accused of being a hypocrite and hoodwinking people about his source of wealth saying she is ready to divulge all his dirty secrets.

She warned Sipapa to stop peddling lies against her or else she will release yet another set of dark secrets that they have been hiding from the public for long.

Sipapa has been doing human sacrifices and I have all the evidence on my flashes coz I’m not ready to be character assassinated by him.. He performed a lot of juju on my head and entire body so as to become rich mention giving me human blood to bathe at the graveyard when I was 5months pregnant thereby losing my baby. Instead of keeping the public behind the curtains about his dirty life, Sipapa should tell only the truth that he failed my business and ended my life. I am ready to lose my life by telling the truth to the world about your dirty past yet you’re trying to live a false life in the public irrespective of the too much dirt that is rallying behind his back,” fumed Brown Sugar.

Watch the video below:

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