Thursday, January 21, 2021

“Mafias Want To See Me Dead!” – Bedridden Bryan White Cries Out, Pins Gov’t Bigshots

Ailing socialite Bryan Kirumira alias Bryan White has come out to claim that he is having a terrible health problem because he is being persecuted by what he calls ‘Mafias’ who are after his life because of his relationship with President Museveni. Bryan White has been hospitalised for weeks and has been shifted from Nakasero hospital back to his home as they await samples of his blood that were taken to South Africa.

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While speaking to our Boomzhub reporter, Bryan White intimates that his projects and operations under the Bryan White Foundation brought him into conflict with some government mafias who though he was getting billions from President Museveni for his operations. He also revealed that the Mafias though that his operations were sabotaging their opportunities of getting bigger budgets from the president. Bryan White revealed that he is now living in fear after reports that his wife is in danger and tip offs from close people that the Mafias targeted to kidnap his son.

“My wife can’t even come home at a time I need her most when I’m terribly sick………These people, attempted to kidnap my child and trailed her from school but we foiled their plans.” revealed a broken Bryan white.

He revealed that what brought him into bad books with top security men in the country who he says are now fighting hard to bring him down is his move to rehabilitate ex soldiers of South Sudan. Bryan White reveals that when he helped to rehabilitate and disarm the ex soldiers of South Sudan, many security bigshots thought he had paid handsomely by the president to do it hence offsetting their security budgets.

There were dozens of these guys who had been recruited by [South Sudan vice president] Riek Machar to fight against President Kiir. These people were promised money to risk their lives in South Sudan but they did not get anything. Eventually, they started escaping back home and they were coming with weapons. It’s these kinds of dangerous criminals I was rehabilitating. I took all this risk for the country because if we did not rehabilitate them, they could have been dangerous to their community. I had a hard time trying to rehabilitate criminal gangs because people were sabotaging the programme because rehabilitating criminals means there are certain [operation] budgets you are entering; you are offsetting police, ISO, CMI and they become your enemies.” revealed Bryan White.

The self styled tycoon now says he fears for his life, saying he is afraid he might be assassinated like the Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga, Felix Kaweesi and several other muslim Clerics.


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