Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Indebted Brown Sugar Lists Down Mouthwatering Debts That Sipapa Refused To Pay

Singer Brown Sugar, an ex-wife to city promoter and events manager Olim Sipapa has once again come out to cry out about the amount of debt that she has accumulated ever since the promoter left her alone. A few days ago, Brown Sugar came out to cry out about how she was abandoned by Sipapa and how she is being chased from house to house by the landlords as she is swimming in debt and unable to pay.

Brown Sugar also revealed that she is incapable of sustaining herself and her clothes are being eaten by rats since she is living in filthy conditions. The struggling singer who was once manager by the embattled Sipapa also revealed that he no longer comes home and every time he want to make love to her, he first takes her to a lodge. 

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She has however come out again to list down a list of outstanding debts that are giving her sleepless nights which Sipapa refused to pay.

1. 2,400,000 shillings borrowed from Kwewaayo Savings Group- Kireka which she had borrowed to clear rent after landlord Mr. Mayinja chased them after failing to pay 6months rent.

2. 1,780,000shillings which they owed Chez Johnson Hotel- Kabalagala where they confiscated her phones & all her other belongings due to failure to clear the bill.

3. 1,200,000 shillings- rent for Shugar’s Collection a shop in Kireka. Sipapa ordered for closure when she was in hospital for rehab. As a result, All the stock including Jewelry, Bags, Mannequins and makeup were confiscated by the landlord.

This makes a total of 5,380,000 Uganda shillings debt. Brown Sugar says she wants the Events promoter to help her settle.

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