Sunday, January 24, 2021

VIDEO: “My Clothes Are Being Eaten By Rats, When He Wants Me, He Takes Me To A Lodge!” Sipapa’s Wife Brown Sugar Cries Out Spilling Heartbreaking Relationship Secrets

Singer Brown Sugar who doubles as the wife to artistes manager Sipapa has come out to spill heartbreaking relationship secrets as she accuses her husband of neglect. Brown Sugar has openly revealed in a moving video that Sipapa abandoned her in the house and she has nothing to eat and has been left at the mercy of the rats in the house.

Brown Sugar has claimed that her clothes are being eaten by rats while some of her property including a mobile phone were confiscated by a lodge management for non payment after she failed to clear.

Brown Sugar also claims that her home is disgusting to go to due to Sipapa’s neglect, saying everytime Sipapa wants to make love to her, he has to first rent a lodge.

The tearful Brown Sugar also revealed that she feels pain every time she sees Sipapa wasting money on other women and giving out free money to people yet he has failed to look after her.

I’ve gained nothing from Sipapa’s relationship apart from him bragging around how he is sustaining my well being. Its been a life of misery as outsiders are going on to enjoy the sweat I have struggled to attain with Sipapa. I have never assaulted or exposed my husband’s dirt to the public but I’m disappointed when I see him splash out money to outsiders for cheap popularity. I’m currently homeless as my property were confiscated in the lodge with my cell phone, I have nothing to survive on and the little I have Sipapa is doing whatever it takes to make it fail. Enough is enough as silence cannot fight the too much depression that I’m facing currently. I spend time while hungry, my clothes being eaten by rats yet whenever he wants me, he channels me to the lodge. Telling the truth, I have never benefited from Sipapa apart from shooting my music videos. I’m ready for divorce if it is the last option to regain my happiness. Being an orphan, i thought Sipapa would be there for me in the daily struggles. I’m not witch no wonder i’ve been praying for him to have a successful life but I’m tired of being exploited by Sipapa.”- Brown Sugar cried out.

Watch the Video below:

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