Saturday, January 23, 2021

“Blame It On The Alcohol!” – Jose Chameleone Speaks Out On Beating Diggy Bauer

Veteran singer and aspiring politician Joseph Mayanja alias Dr Jose Chameleone has come out to speak about allegations that he thumped city producer Diggy Bauer at his studio. It is reported that Chameleone found Diggy Bauer and his brother at their studio in Luwafu and beat them to pulp.

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This is according to a rant issued on social media by the Sound Cava records producer. However, Chameleone in alive video on Facebook has denied ever beating Diggy Bauer, saying the producer was drunk and intoxicated while recording the video clip.

“What has so far bothered me the most is seeing people jump on producer Diggy Baur’s accusations about me. First, they should examine or read the condition under which he was speaking from. He was impaired and totally drunk, said Chameleone in part.

VIDEO: Jose Chameleone Attacks Diggy Bauer's Sound Cava Records, Thumps Producers To Pulp As His Dirty Secrets Exposed
Jose Chameleone Attacks Diggy Bauer

A previous statement also attributed to Chameleone totally denies the incident saying it is being engineered by people who are fighting hard to fail his imminent political career. Chameleone is looking forward to contesting as a Lord Mayor for Kampala, a race that already has the incumbent Elias Lukwago and Daniel Kazibwe alias Ragga Dee.

ALSO READ: VIDEO: Jose Chameleone Attacks Diggy Bauer’s Sound Cava Records Thumps Producers To Pulp, His Evil Secrets Exposed

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