Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Son Of Singer Big Eye Critically ill, Cries Out To Museveni For His Money

Singer Ibrahim Mayanja alias Big Eye is not done with demanding money from President Yoweri Museveni and the NRM party. The singer has now adopted his Plan B as he strives to get his pay by revealing that he, as well as his son are now badly sick and need the money for medical treatment.

After the singer’s ultimatum to the NRM and President Museveni went by without any legal action he had threatened, Big Eye has taken to social media to show the world that his son is sick. He posted a photo of his son in hospital and captioned 

“Get well soon, son”

The post was followed by another stinging post in which he revealed that Museveni has refused to pay his money when he is ill with his son also battling a bigger sickness.

“Eno manja sente zange mzey aganyi okuzimpa, Eno omwana wange mulwadde, Kyoka nange ndi mulwade. Yiii mukama taasa !” cried out Big Eye on Facebook.

However, many followers in the comments section were quick to laugh at his plan B, saying he is faking sickness to attract the sympathy of the president.

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