Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Producers Give Chameleone And Weasel Ultimatum To Apologise Over Violence

The Association Of Audio Producers Uganda have given singer Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone and his brother Douglas Mayanja alias Weasel a grace period of three days in which they must apologize for beating up music producers. The pair are being accused by the association that unites audio producers of utter disrespect and violence against them which has left them with no option but to banish them from their premises.

This comes in the wake of Chameleone’s violence against Sound Cava records producers and after he beat them to pulp he walked away leaving the producers fuming on social media. Weasel on the other hand had also meted violence and another producer, a one Mr Godie in May, and vandalised his studio machines.

Now the producers under their umbrella say that the two brothers have grossly become big headed and showed no respect for the producers which has left them with no option but to get rid of them. The producers say that they have given Weasel and Chameleone only three days to apologise to the producers fraternity before they van be allowed back in their workplaces. This is according to a detailed statement released to the public and the two singers.

 “Official Statement following the recent mistreatment of our, producer Godie was attacked by Mr. Wealse of Good life and Producer Diggy Baur who was attacked by Dr. Jose Chameleone. It has come to our notice that there is a rampant rise in the miss-treat of audio producers by singers in this country. Many of us have been attacked, lives threatened, property destroyed, and some lives have been lost.

A few weeks ago Mr. Godie was attacked by the one Weasle of Good life. It was evidenced that our brother’s studio was destroyed and the essential equipment was taken. And now the most recent one is between producer Diggy Baur of Sabula records. In addition, they brutally attacked him and his employees beaten and injured by Mr. Jose Chameleone”

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