Saturday, January 23, 2021

“Such A Worthless Beggar, You Should Be Retired By Now!” – Sheila Gashumba And God’s Plan Attack Kasuku With Full Force [SCREENSHOT]

The bitter war between Sheila Gashumba and Urban TV presenter Tina Fierce has taken another bitter bend after it attracted the attention of Dembe FM presenter Kasuku Wazabanga. Kasuku, when giving his opinion about the war between Sheila Gashumba and Tina Fierce, he asserted that Sheila has no moral authority to lead a way against social media bullying since she is the top bully in Uganda. Kasuku insisted that Sheila has in the past attacked many such as Robin Kisti, Thelma Gharim, MC Kats among others.

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Upon hearing Kasuku’s words, Sheila Gashumba and her boyfriend exploded with anger as they accused him of being a worthless man who has bogged from them before and therefore has no right to criticise them. Sheila Gashumba attacked him for having failed to do something tangible for himself despite having spent decades in the media industry.

Age is just a number it has never meant Intelligence!! Kasuku you should be retired now allowing other young talented youth to have a chance to be on radio and tv than attacking public figures!! You should be on holiday right now!!” tweeted Sheila Gashumba.

Her boyfriend Marcus Ali Lwanga also took to social media to pour more scorn on Kasuku, bashing him for begging 50k from him at Guvnor.

I remember giving someone 50k outside guvnor for transport. Naye MUJOOGA

My advice to journalist or radio presenters is always investigate before opening your mouth to give an opinion. Your opinion has to be based on facts not because your friend told you his side,” tweeted God’s Plan in support of Sheila Gashumba.

Checkout screenshot below:

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