Thursday, January 21, 2021

VIDEO: “I’m A Mother Of 5 But I Still Hold A Better Figure Than You!” – Zari Hassan Fires More Random Shots At NBS TV’s ‘Shapeless’ Zahara Totto

The war between NBS TV presenter Zahara Totto and renowned socialite Zari Hassan is far from over after the ageing bosslady came forward to boast about her figure much to the chagrin of the Next Media Gossip Queen.  Zahara Totto has been feuding with Zari Hassan on a daily and the two serial attention seekers have been tearing at each other on social media with selfless abandon.

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But the self proclaimed Boss Lady has now come our strongly to hit out at the Presenter saying he is far much better in looks than Totto although she is far much younger than her. Zari hit at Totto and advised her to stop wasting her time clinging on gaining cheap popularity and instead go into the hymn to work on her shape.

Zari Hassan claimed that although she has given birth five times, she still has a waist unlike Totto who is younger but looks out of shape.

“There are some people that you look at when they are totally failures in life and you wonder how God really baked them in His own image. Imagine I wasting my precious time attacking Zahara Totto. Zahara I’m going to send you love, though I also got fat but I still hold my figure. But the reality is Zahara should go to gym to restore her body so that we can be able to see where her waist is , Right now we can’t tell whether she has a waist , for I am old back at least people can see that I have a waist and back”– Zari Hassan hit out.

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