Tuesday, January 26, 2021

“Find Who The Father To Your Children Before Going To War With My Daughter!” – Frank Gashumba Goes Bare Knuckles Against Tina Fierce

Siisimuka Uganda CEO Frank Gashumba has gone bare knuckles against Urban TV presenter Tina Fierce in defence of his daughter Sheila Gashumba. Frank has asked Tina to first focus on identifying the father of her children before she takes on his daughter.

Tina Fierce and Sheila Gashumba have been battling online over the previous month as the former NTV presenter accuses the Urban TV presenter of peddling malicious propaganda and peddling lies against her. The result has seen Tina’s “Sqoop on Sqoop” show being revoked by the Uganda Communications Commission and the presenter being suspended.

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Many have united in support of Tina but Frank Gashumba thinks otherwise. He has also taken to social media to blast Tina Fierce saying she should focus on finding the fathers to his bastard children.

“And you wake up every morning basing on a TV station to shower abuses at my daughter. I’m still perplexed about the exact intentions and I need divine powers. A single mother, you have three children with different fathers whom you aren’t even certain of and instead channel all your hate to my daughter on a daily! Tina should now focus on how to settle down in her marital relationship and find out why men use her and latter dump her, learn how to take her children to good schools in the city. Surprisingly, I have been observing her videos for the last month and she doesn’t have clothes even worth 20K in her wardrobe,” added the Sisimuka Uganda CEO ranted.

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