Tuesday, January 26, 2021

VIDEO: “She Is Just A Noise Maker!” – Dembe FM’s Kasuku Blasts Sheila Gashumba, Leaps To Tina Fierce’s Defence

Dembe FM’s controversial and uncensored motor mouth Daniel Katende alias Kasuku is one of the few bold media personalities who have gained popularity over their point blank comments on entertainment issues.

The radio and TV presenter has again joined the ongoing cyberbullying case between Tina Fierce and Sheilla Gashumba directing his tirade towards the former NTV presenter. 

While appearing on NBS Uncut Sabula a gossip programme on NBS TV, Kasuku insisted Tina was simply doing her job, just like any other gossip anchor in the industry and Sheila had no reason to make an alarm since herself has over the years maliciously cyberbullied different people all over her social media handles with Robin Kitsi and Thelma Garim being her latest victims.

Kasuku added on that Sheila’s cyberbullying campaign simply portrays how naive she is, urging Sheilla and her pet Marcus Lwanga alias God’s Plan to learn how to solve their shortcomings in a mature way.

Watch the video below:

Sheilla Gashumba however on landing on Kasuku’s sour criticism was quick to respond;

“Kasuku you are the one who has no moral authority to talk about cyberbullying because you have BULLIED PUBLIC FIGURES AND Artists over the years!! You are only threatened because you know that you are NEXT to be suspended because what your show on Dembe does in to bully.” Fired back Sheila.

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