Sunday, January 24, 2021

Does Tina Fierce Risk Being Blocked From TV For Life? Lugambo Queen’s Woes Deepen As UCC Comes Out Strong

Urban TV presenter Tina Fierce is currently suspended pending investigation into her conduct during her TV show dubbed “Sqoop on Scoop. The presenter who has seen the show scrapped off and the Uganda Communications Commission launching an investigation into her, the show and the Vision Group franchise as a whole seems to be n more trouble than earlier envisaged after the regulatory body asked Urban TV to avail her academic papers, with failure to present them leading to permanent blockage from appearing on any TV show as host.

With the Genesis of the trouble being an on air tirade against former NTV presenter and socialite Sheila Gashumba and her boyfriend God’s Plan, there were reports that the show had earlier been under the spotlight.

The Commission states that they have received complaints that the content and the nature of Scoop on Scoop program violates the Minimum Broadcasting Standards as enshrined in the Uganda Communications Act 2013. The Commission, therefore, tasked Urban TV to submit a written representation in response to the complaints, and recordings of the program for the period May 1 – 20, 2020.

However, Urban TV has written back to the commission insisting that they have undertaken internal disciplinary proceedings against the TV Star using their internal controls. However, if the commission finds Tina undeserving to be a presenter on TV, she may be banished from the camera and microphone until she attains the right papers.


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