Sunday, January 24, 2021

PHOTOS: NBS TV Star Douglas Lwanga Almost Slapped By Spice Diana’s Mean Bouncers

Celebrated emcee and host as who plies his trade at Next Media Uganda’s NBS TV Douglas Lwanga is one of the top entertainment gurus in Uganda who has exchanged pleasantries with a host of Ugandan and international artistes. He has done the same on countless occasions with city top singer Spice Diana with no strings attached. Not anymore!

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We all told you how singer Spice Diana hired mean looking bouncers to man her security. At a time when most Ugandans are struggling financially, Spice Diana is pulling all diva stunts with top security measures. Now in her appearance at NBS TV, she came across Douglas Lwanga for his show as usual, the usually jovial Lwanga tried to reach out to Spice For a handshake. 

No sooner had he extended his hand than he was shoved back by the Bouncers. It took the intervention of Spice Diana herself who apologised to him with a hug. A hug in these COVID-19 times is as rare as a 50k note on the roadsides.

The source revealed that there is no misunderstanding between the two as everything was solved with Spice’s Apology.

“Daga is so understanding guy, he didn’t take it seriously because even the bouncers were doing their job. In addition to that, Spice apologised” – Source narrated to Boomz Snoops

Take a look at Spice’s mean bouncers below:

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