Tuesday, January 26, 2021

“I’m For Unity!” GNL Zamba Hits Again At Gravity Omutujju For Stirring Hatred

The bad blood between GNL Zamba and his fellow rapper Gravity Omutujju has taken yet another nasty turn. This comes after GNL yet again hit out at Gravity for being in possession of a black heart of hatred and jealousy after the two had bad exchanges over the course of the past two weeks.

The rappers have been tearing into each other after GNL castigated Gravity for failing to credit Kafeero in his ‘Walumbe Zzaya’ song like the wat he himself Gravity did in Elly Wamala’s ‘Ani Yali amanyi’. However, Gravity replied with a typical Omutujju response in which he advised GNL to give up smoking and understand that he is an outdated rapper.

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However, GNL has come out again to defend himself saying he is not hateful against Gravity, saying he supports unity. He however feels he doesn’t get the respect he gets as the man that made hip hop a hit in Uganda. 

“’I’m a pan Africanist always been. About my culture fought to have our indegenous languages keep their place in our art. Humanity and unification of our people regardless of geography is paramount. I believe in the Marcus Garvey dream, The Martin dream, The Mandela dream, Makeba, Sankara, Kwame, Sellasie and Lumumba’s dream. Africans come in all shades and colors, the great emperor of ethiopia was a light skinned man, Lumumba, kwame and Mandela were not the same shade but there was love and understanding of what needed to happen. A return to freedom and dignity for all Africans and children of their decent. I’m for Unity, we should recognize love before we are destroyed by insecurity. There is Glory in Unity but some people …. smh ??‍♂️
Regardless we move forward! Not all prophets are respected but their message is what counts. #GNLZamba #Music #Global #GhettoStoryteller #Hiphop #Lugaflow #Africa #Kampala #Uganda #EnsiYaffe #Ugandayaffe
” wrote GNL Zamba.


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