Thursday, January 28, 2021

Spice Diana Vows To Go Back To School Less Than Two Years After Graduating

Singer Diana Namukwaaya alias Spice Diana is a woman that has always demanded high standards if herself. The music diva has topped the music game for three straight years and has reaped a lot of money from her trade. 

However, it appears the wealth she has gained from her talent is not enough to satisfy her demanding self.

News coming onto to Boomz News desk indicates that the singer is going back to school for further studies. This comes less than two years after she graduated from Makerere University. The “Jangu Ondabe” singer has now revealed that she has bigger dreams with her life as she continues to progress into a note responsible and learned woman.

Spice Diana narrates that the chief reason for her decision to go for further studio’s is to further improve her brand. 

Spice Diana who has recently hired mean looking bouncers to man her security is reportedly aiming at an assault towards the international music scene and later a career out of music.

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