Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Paul Kafeero Children And Family Agree To Do Away With Exhuming His Remains For DNA Tests

It is now almost fourteen years since Ugandan golden boy Paul Job Kafeero the Kadongo Kamu maestro passed on. However, his worldly works in the form of fathering children is still a thorny issue close to two decades ever since he went to meet the creator.

In the past weeks, a section of children belonging to the fallen singer have been strongly calling for the exhuming of the singer’s remains so that DNA tests can be carried out to ascertain whether he is indeed the father to all the children. The demand had caused uproar among the many former lovers of Kafeero’s music saying the singer’s remains should be left to rest in peace.

Some members of Kafeero’s family doubt that some of their brothers were not actually fathered by Kafeero. 

Now in an extraordinary family meeting chaired by Nende, Kafeero’s brother finally agreed never to exhume the singer’s body for any reason. The “Kampala mukooti” singer is now set not to be exhumed. It has been agreed that the family doctor whose names are yet to be established should be consulted for samples of the late in his possession to help carry out DNA tests.

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