Tuesday, January 26, 2021

“I’m Dying To Harvest You Like My Life Depends On It!” – Chris Evans Makes More Moves At Zanie Brown

City singer and entertainer Chris Evans Kawesi has over time been dying to dip his hand into Singer Zanie Brown’s honeypot but to no avail. The two singers have a history of a cat and mouse relationship as Evans makes moves and more moves at the female singer as she evades them like tackles.

Now, Chris Evans has made yet another bold move at the juicy “Mugulu” singer as he claimed there is no any female singer more gorgeous than her. He also added that if its harvesting time, there is not a single day that he will think of harvesting anyone’s honey apart from Zanie’s.

“Harvesting time is now. Saagala muwala yenna ankubira okujjako ow’ekitiibwa Zanie,” stated  Chris Evans Kaweesi

Don’t you really think a time will come when Zanie will take Evans serious?

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