Thursday, January 28, 2021

“It wasn’t My Account!” – Frank Gashumba Denies Tribalistic Post Against Tina Fierce, Claims Robert Kabushenga Is Behind The move

The war of words between Sheila Gashumba, her father Frank Gashumba on one side and Urban TV, Tina Fierce and their fans on another side has taken a bitter twist. This is after Frank Gashumba reportedly insulted Tina Fierce calling a her a Mukiga who should have thought twice before f***ng with his daughter. However, the tweet was condemned by many who slated Frank for stooping so low by engaging women’s petty wars. 

Others slated him for being tribalistic and promoting tribal tensions in Uganda. However, Frank Gashumba has come out to defend him with a claim that it was not his official account that posted the insults. In fact, Frank claimed that someone big from within Vision Group was behind the fake account that is painting Frank Gashumba dirty.

He claimed Vision Group supremo Robert Kabushenga is the man behind the fake account who wants to paint him with negativity.

In a social media post on his original twitter account Frank Gashumba revealed the fake account is trying to have his original twitter account blocked so that he can’t access it.  However, he later deleted Kabushenga’s from the post.

He wrote;

Someone created account in my names and he is trying to report my official account…. please help me and report him 

 kabushenga is the one behind that account,” 

Sheila Gashumba has been at war with Urban TV and their presenter Tina Fierce over allegations that the female presenter was character assassinating Sheila. As a result, the “Sqoop on Sqoop” show has been suspended by the Uganda Communications Commission.

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